How to Conduct a Viewing

Be confident when showing potential buyers around your home, after all who knows your property better than you? Here are 10 Simple Steps to follow to conduct the perfect viewing:

  1. Welcome your potential buyer in and allow them to walk around in front of you giving them the view of the room and not your back. This will also help create a feeling of space in smaller rooms.

  2. Choosing the best room in the house to start gives a lasting impression, you can end the tour of your home here too giving the buyer a positive feel for the property before they leave.

  3. When walking from room to room, highlight key features rather than stating the obvious. So if you are walking into the conservatory, rather than saying this is the conservatory, you could say, this room gets the sun around mid-morning, I love sitting in here to read. You may want to point out traditional features of the home if it’s an older property such as ceiling rose, picture rails etc or if its more modern you could highlight the contemporary lighting and feature fireplace or integrated kitchen that it has.

  4. If a buyer asks you a question, try to answer them honestly. If the buyer realises that you have misled them at any point during the sale, they may pull out. Try to answer them with a positive spin where possible.

  5. Once you have shown the downstairs rooms, step outside into the garden, garage and any outside space you have. You don’t want to end your tour here.

  6. When showing the outside space of your property try to ensure that, like the rooms in your home, it is a useable space. Free from cluttered rubbish and old bikes.

  7. When you show the upstairs of your property always start with the smallest bedroom, then lead up in size to the master bedroom, this way the buyer will appreciate the size of the largest room, rather than seeing the larger room first and finding everything thereafter, small.

  8. When walking from room to room you could drop in some useful points of local knowledge, are you on a bus route in to the town centre, do you have local amenities to hand, are there good schools in the area. You could also mention things such as the council tax band you are in.

  9. When the upstairs of your property has all been seen come back to the first room and ask the buyers if they have any questions. At this point you can ask them if they would like to have another look around on their own. Often this can help you gage whether or not they liked the property and can indicate if they will offer or come back for another viewing.

  10. Although it may seem obvious, it is worth telling the buyer what the next step is before they leave. You could say if you want to arrange a second viewing or place an offer then contact Property Rung and they will help.

Posted May 23rd, 2017 by blueshark

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